Nov 8, 2012

No More Words Please..

Just want make a friend with time right now
I will enjoy every second, every minute, every hour of every journey in my life
Even it very hard for me
I don't care what they say, they don't me so well, they don't know what I feel  in my deep inside.
I am selfish today
I'll take my time to express what I feel
No matter what they thought, I don't care
I couldn't take care their heart
I don't need their words
It makes me weak
I just need my self
I just need fresh air
I just need my tears
I just need a shoulder to cry on

When my tears go down
They think I am sad
Ofcourse I am sad, but it isn't like what they thought
But I don't care their thought
I just care my self
Today they see I am lying my head on the table with my weakness
Tomorrow they'll see I run for my best sunshine
I'll pursuite my happiness
It can't be bought
It just can be felt
I'll keep on fighting for it
Someday I will understand in God's whole plan
Luv u all my best friend


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