Apr 20, 2013

There's a Hope

There's a hope....
Yesss a hope for getting closer, but I don't know I'm luck or not.
Hope so I'm lucky....
We will see in the middle of August
Hope so You're still for me after this ten years
I hope I can hear you sing that song again
No matter how you threat me now
Nothing impossible for Allah
Allah will help me....
Wish me luck everybody :)

#Postingan galau menjelang tengah malam, tetep berusaha "Kupasrahkan hatiku.... takdir kan menjawabnya" *afghan mania :)


  1. hiiihihi... bener-bener galau nih yang lagi menunggu jodoh :-p

  2. hehehe..... iya niey galay mania :)

  3. semoga galaunya hilang seiring sembah sujud di sepertiga malam terakhir

  4. "We will see in the middle of August"

    #Wake me up when July ends...

  5. selamat pagi mbak,jangan lupa bawa jajan donat,hehe



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